I’m CJ Butcher. This is who I am.

I recently retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force with the rank of Warrant Officer after serving 17 years across Canada and in the Middle East as an Aircraft Technician.  Unfortunately, I was unable to progress further in this my chosen career due to injuries sustained during and related to my service.  With great regret, I had to retire early.

I’ve trained with the best people on the best equipment and I’m bringing that forward to you.  CJ’s Edge Workx utilizes only Blademaster© machines and accessories. This is the same equipment used by professional teams around the world.

I take great pride in my work, and I want to be “That Guy” that you go to to bring your skating experience to the next level.  I played hockey for 20 years and I understand perfectly that having your skates sharpened and maintained properly can and will have an incredibly positive impact on how well you can perform on the ice.

I am working at being the best so that YOU can be the best as well.


  • Blademaster©
  • Maximum Edge©


  • Maximum Edge Equipment Manager


  • Assistant Equipment Manager in the Western Hockey League (WHL) with the Winnipeg Ice for two seasons.
  • Working effectively with several Junior and Provincial teams and the University of Manitoba Bisons. 

Career Highlights

  • Being the Equipment Manager for Team Manitoba at the Canada Games in PEI 2023. 
  • Working the WHL Eastern Conference Finals in 2021/22 and WHL Finals 2022/23

I will keep you “Grinding”


“Never Tell Me The Odds” – Han Solo 

Bringing the Best Equipment to You

I’ve trained on the best equipment, and I’m bringing that to you. Cj’s Edge Workx only utilizes Blademaster machines and accessories. I'm also Blademaster and Maximum Edge certified.

I take great pride in my work, and I want to be the guy you go to bring it to the next level. I played hockey for 20 years, and I understand what it means to have your skates done right.

I want to be the best; I will be the best, and I want to help you get there too.

I will keep you “Grinding.”

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …

On the serene planet Alderaan, a visionary entrepreneur named Cj embarked on a unique journey. Harnessing the planet's advanced technology, Cj established a pioneering hockey Pro Shop and skate sharpening service. With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, the shop quickly gained recognition among Alderaan's sports enthusiasts. However, tragedy struck as the planet faced its untimely demise due to the devastating blast of the Death Star. Amid the chaos, pieces of the skate shop miraculously survived and found its way through the cosmos.

Miraculously surviving the planet's destruction, the remnants of the skate shop drifted through space until they found an unexpected home in the galactic city of Stonewall, Manitoba. the surviving equipment and expertise were embraced by the local community. Drawing inspiration from Alderaan's legacy, CJ revived its operations, providing top-tier skate repair, unparalleled skate sharpening services and expert guidance.  The fusion of advanced Alderaanian technology and Stonewalls love for the sport resulted in a pro shop that stood as a testament to resilience and dedication. 

Today, the shop continues to flourish, intertwining the tales of two worlds and offering hockey enthusiasts from across the galaxy the highest quality service, ensuring that the spirit of Alderaan lives on through every stride on the ice in Stonewall.